3 ways to spend your February half term

February Half Term Pavilions

February Half Term Pavilions

February sees the first school holiday of year… Anyone else feel like we just sent our little darlings back after Christmas?

With this February half term fast approaching, the question of what to do with them for the week begins.

Fear not, we’re here to help with some tips.

Let’s get physical

We all know little ones need a little bit of tiring out every now and again. What better way to get them burning energy then getting them out and about? Pop on their wellies and warm coats and go on a virtual ‘treasure hunt’ ending up in café where a hot chocolate and biscuit prize is waiting for them. Hint: The Plaza Café in the centre is a great place for this! Too cold to go out? We love the Joe Wick’s kids’ PE videos on YouTube. Time to get ready for star jumping.

Clever crafts

Looking for a few hours of peace and quiet? You can’t go wrong with some crafting time. The key to this is to make it as diverse as possible, whether its leaf sticking from the leaves you collected from your walk the day before, to painting a picture of their favourite character. Remember you can pick up your crafting essentials in the centre from The Works. Looking to go smarter? Check out local drawing classes for kids in your area over the week or stick on an age appropriate one on YouTube and get them to follow the steps. Don’t forget the Blu Tack so you can hang up their creations after.

Make a museum

Yup, you read right. We love this activity, which means no queues or getting dressed required. ‘How?’ we hear you ask. It’s simple. The night before, take your little one’s toys – think cars, animals, dinosaurs and set them up in different spaces in your living room. The next day you’ll have a display of all the things the kids can go around and look at, while asking you questions. Finish the day with a programme that may help with this… think a David Attenborough documentary or Jurassic Park!