Who says milkshakes are bad for you?

For those who are health conscious, or who have dietary requirements that mean you often have to sacrifice the sweet stuff, we have glorious news. New drinks company ShakeShebang will be running a pop-up shop at our Summer Party on 22nd July, and we caught up with Kemmy to find out if it really can be good to be bad!

So what lead you into the drinks industry?

I wanted great milkshakes that catered to the needs of lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant sufferers. I am lactose intolerant and was frustrated with the lack of lactose and gluten free deserts. I would go to the mall to get a milkshake and spend the day paying for it with cramping stomach pains.

Your drinks have been designed with good health in mind. What inspired you to take this approach?

Well we all want to enjoy the good things in life. Having an intolerance for gluten and lactose shouldn’t mean putting my health at risk or having poor choices of products available to me. After all, health is wealth right?

How do you manage to make your products taste so good?

The products taste so great because they’re made with love. I also source as locally as possible for high standard produce from highly reputable organisations that I work closely with and have built good working relationships with.

What culinary delights and flavours can we expect to find at your pop-up store?

You name it! We have british favorites such sticky toffee pudding, exotic flavors like coconut, luscious white chocolate, cookie crumble, and many more.

Why should people pay you a visit next Saturday?

People should come out and try a delicious shake because it will blow their mind! The little ones will love it, mums and dads will love it, anyone can feel good and enjoy a great shake experience.

You’ve agreed to donate 20% of your takings on the day towards the Grenfell Tower fund. Why is charity important to you?

Giving back is something I pride myself in, and helping those who had to endure that horrible tragedy is something everyone should do. I’ll never forget that picture of the burning tower on the news. It made me realise just how precious life is, and in a flash you could be gone. My heart goes out to all the families and the communities affected by this.

When the event is over, where can people find you?

We’ll be having a series of pop-up shops all over London, and the locations will be announced in good time, although some are at secret locations. But we’re looking at opening our first shopfront location in Central London soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

We’d like to thank Kemmy for her time, and can’t wait to taste her health-conscious treats at the event! To get your reading, visit the Pavilions Shopping Centre between 10am – 4pm on Saturday 22nd July.