Updating Your Wardrobe for Autumn 2023

As the calendar inches towards September, the promise of colder days calls for a wardrobe shift – a trade of shorts for trousers and t-shirts for cozy jumpers. To make sure you’re always dressed to impress, we’ve put together a few key trends that have made their way off the catwalk and into the centre.

Pretty in Pink for Autumn:

While Barbie may have enjoyed her summer moment, the pink wave shows no signs of receding – it’s poised to remain a scorching trend throughout the year. Whether you opt to dive headfirst into this trend or prefer a more subtle nod, we’ve got you covered. Swing by our store Bon Marche to hunt for a finely-knit fuchsia top, perfect for pairing with dark jeans. Alternatively, explore the world of understated elegance with a gentle hint of pale pink.

Marvel in Monochrome:

Not taken by the allure of pink? Worry not, for the timeless black-and-white duo awaits. The runways of 2023 were saturated with this classic trend, manifesting in sheer mesh, fluffy faux fur, and the sleek lines of faux leather trousers. Unsure how to embark on this journey? Step into the centre, and don’t forget to check out the pre-loved selection at our charity shops for timeless pieces!

Shouldering the Bold:

Feeling brave? This trend is for you. That’s right, this season it’s all about bearing your upper body with off the shoulder tops. We love these tucked into jeans for a casual look or teamed up with those faux leather trousers and heels for a killer night out look.

So, whether you’re a fashion maven or seeking to redefine your look, Pavilions can be your haven of inspiration. Come, explore, and let your style journey unfold in the vibrant aisles of our centre, where trends come alive, and your individuality finds its perfect expression.