Trust Us, Your Local Shopping Centre.

Being your local shopping centre, we think it’s important that all our loyal customers trust and feel safe when visiting the centre for a little R&R.

We understand that restrictions are easing and there is (fingers crossed) more to come with how we can celebrate special events or milestone occasions with our nearest and dearest. However, we’d like shoppers to remember that your safety is our priority…

Want to know what we’re doing to ensure optimum protection? Keep reading.

Walk This Way…

When you come to visit us at The Pavilions, you’ll notice that there are arrows in the shops and around the centre letting you know which side is best for you to follow. Plus, you’ll notice signs that allow you to keep a 2-metre distance when ordering your favourite drink or sweet treats from Costa Coffee or Bistro Café for example. #ShopSafe

Don’t forget, there’s still a one-way system operating at The Pavilions. This is to provide a smooth stream of traffic, with arrows displayed on the floor.

Sanitise, Sanitise!

In every store, from The Works to WHSmith or Savers, you’ll find a bottle of sanitiser that you’ll be able to use before browsing through the aisles.

By keeping your hands clean with antibacterial gel, or even by popping t the centre’s toilets and giving them a quick wash, means that you’ll be killing pesky germs and protecting yourself and others from catching anything nasty. You know the drill!

Although, if you’d rather purchase your own little bottle to keep in your bag or pocket, pop to Boots, Superdrug or Sainsbury’s to pick one up.

Face Masks Are a Must…

We think that facemasks will stick around for the foreseeable… Even if the government says that all is ‘back to normal’, we think many individuals will keep facemasks a part of their capsule wardrobe. And of course, if you’re exempt from wearing a facemask, we understand.

So, if you’re part of the ‘Masks to Remain’ crowd, then be sure to stock up on a few more to get you through the rest of the year. If you didn’t know, you can actually buy facemasks to match your little one from the One Below, plainer (but award-winning!) styles from Superdrug and even more fashionable styles from Dilly Dally or Claire’s. #FacemaskForEveryDay

Book or be Booted!

We’re only kidding, you probably won’t be booted away if you haven’t secured a booking for a local restaurant or cinema trip. BUT, it is best to book if you can do. For example, we’d suggest making a booking to get your eye test in at Crystal Eyecare – just so you don’t miss out on a time that works best for you! 😊

By making your bookings in advance, it ensures that store managers know how many people to expect for the day and can process the required safety measures, as necessary.

We hope that this Style article has reassured you of the centre’s safety, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. #TimeToShop #SafetyFirst