Summer On A Budget

With the cost of living going up, we have some money-saving tips on keeping the costs down while still having a great summer. One of the best parts about budgeting for the summer months is that there’s always something free or cheap to do if you get creative.

Camp night: Camping for a night at home has benefits. There’s no packing, no driving for miles to a crowded campsite, no expensive fuel, you can pick the weather, and you have your own bathroom nearby! A campout is a fun activity for little ones and teens alike. Pick up a tent from Argos, BBQ supplies from Sainsbury’s, and add marshmallows for an authentic campfire experience!

Holiday in the garden: Why not bring a holiday vibe to your own garden? Jazz it up with stylish accessories for those holiday vibes! You can decorate the smallest areas with cute lanterns, wildflowers, and fairy lights for just a few pounds at One Below.

A summer declutter can be good for the wallet. Visit Gadget and CEX to sell technology and entertainment devices you are no longer using. CEX buy, sell and exchange a range of pre-loved techy products, whilst Gadget also repairs items, as well as sells them. Plus think of all those space-saving solutions you could get from Argos, with those extra pennies.