Pavilions Store Manager Profile – David Mills, F. Hinds

F.Hinds Store Manager

David Mills

David Mills has been store manager at F. Hinds, Pavilions, for more than 20 years. He loves working there, which is a good thing considering his daily 35-mile commute from Essex!

Despite Lakeside shopping centre being closer to home, David says that there are so many more benefits to working at Pavilions, making the daily travel worthwhile. But he isn’t a stranger to loving things far from home. His favourite football team is Wolves, confirming his willingness to look further than his back garden for something that he loves.

A home away from home

For David, Pavilions is a home away from home; where he is greeted daily by welcoming faces.

The staff and customers at Pavilions are fantastic. Over time David has built great relationships with his regular customers. Plus, there is a sense of community among the store owners that comes from working in the centre.

Something for the shoppers

But Pavilions isn’t just for David and other store owners. There’s plenty for the shoppers too. You can look forward to the best deals on quality jewellery when you visit F. Hinds.

If you didn’t know, there is a buy gold for cash service, as well as part exchange deals and repairs, and valuations can be carried out on your jewellery too. The next valuation day is 5th of December, so take along your jewellery and head in-store to say ‘Hi’ to David.