Mental Health Check-in

January 17th marks Blue Monday, a day that’s cited as being the ‘saddest day of the year.’ This is speculated to be due to a variety of reasons, from the come down after Christmas, lack of money, or struggling with mental health. However, we want to reframe this day and use it as an opportunity to check in with ourselves, and others, and take the time to listen to someone who needs it. We’ve put a few suggestions below to help where we can.

1. Get advice

If money is a source of anxiety or stress then don’t sit in silence. There are a range of services that can help. Contact the Government’s Debt Advice Service if you’re struggling, and Citizen’s Advice is also a great place to help you sort out any money worries. Looking for a new job? January is a time when people often begin to shift around, so jump onto job boards and start applying, or visit Swanstaff Recruitment in the centre and see what they can help you with. You’ve got this!

2. It’s good to talk

When it comes to mental health, talking it out with someone you trust can really help relieve some of the mental weight and give you an outlet to offload. Meeting up with a friend over coffee, or going for a walk and talking it out can really help ease your mind.

3. Seek Help

If you or someone you know are severely struggling, please make an urgent appointment with your GP. Alternatively, charities such as MIND or the Samaritans are always at the end of the line.