Ladbrokes – The World’s Game

People playing football

The World’s Game

Football is a game that’s loved and played in all corners of the globe. But not every stadium stacks up against Old Trafford and not every player’s wage compares to that of Paul Pogba.

Sport betting company, Ladbrokes, challenged footy fans from all over the world to capture a snapshot of the beautiful game to show that, despite football being a universal language, it’s still incredibly diverse.

From Germany to Vietnam

Few fans show their appreciation for their team in a more colourful way than those in Germany. Borussia Mönchengladbach supporters are a sea of green and white in the stands, while in stark contrast, FC Köln’s faithful show up in red and white.

Far away from stadiums, or even football grounds with a dugout and three fans to the home team’s name, the residents of Sa Pa, Vietnam, play their recreational football on a circular muddy pitch with goalposts made of branches.

Discover the faces of football all over the planet with Ladbrokes’ The World’s Game.