International Day of Charity

5th September marks International Day of Charity, so we wanted to highlight some of the charitable organisations that we have here in the centre. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s far more to a charity shop than meets the eye. Behind the smiling faces of the volunteers and bargains for pre-loved clothes and stock, there stands a great cause.

Marie Curie currently runs around 180 charity shops across the UK, which helps raise funds needed to care for the terminally ill. They provide frontline nursing and hospice care and a wealth of information and support for those dealing with bereavement. Last year, Marie Curie’s services helped more than 69,000 people living with a terminal illness and their families.

You can visit the Marie Curie store in the centre, which sells pre-loved clothing, homeware, and more, where the proceeds go to this amazing cause.

Pavilions also works within the local community to host events and bring businesses and residents of the local area together throughout the year. We also have a community board in the main plaza and encourage you all to use it whenever you have something to say or a cause you think we should get behind.