How to Prep for the Clocks Going Back

Clocks go back blog image pavilions

Clocks go back blog image pavilions

With the clocks set to fall back on October 29th, it’s time to plan for a smooth transition, whether you have little ones or are looking out for yourself. Here are some helpful tips:

Illuminate Your Space

As the nights grow longer and darkness descends as early as 4 pm, it’s essential to brighten up your surroundings. Consider adding some new lighting fixtures to your home. Whether it’s night lights for the kids or a stylish floor lamp for your living area, make sure to opt for energy-saving lightbulbs. By the way, we have a variety of these available at the centre.

Beat the Blues

If you’re not a fan of the darker days, consider investing in a SAD lamp. These lamps mimic natural sunlight, which can be particularly helpful during the darker months. Exposure to this light can signal your brain to produce less melatonin, potentially lifting your mood.

Prepare Your Little Ones

If you have young children, you’re unlikely to get that extra hour of sleep – that 7 am wake-up call may quickly become 6 am. The solution? Gradual adjustments. Instead of abruptly changing their bedtime, try shifting it over the course of a week to ease their body clock into the new time zone. For babies and toddlers who still take naps, adjust their bedtime by 10 minutes per day over 6 days. This way, by Sunday, you’ll be on the right schedule without any disruptions.

As you gear up for this seasonal change, remember that a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a seamless transition. By taking these steps to brighten your home, boost your mood, and adjust your family’s bedtime routines, you can embrace the evolving season with confidence and ease. So, mark your calendar for October 29th, and get ready to make the most of that extra hour as the clocks fall back. Here’s to a cozy and well-prepared autumn and winter season ahead!