How to have a sustainable Christmas

1.That’s a wrap

We all love presents that are beautifully wrapped and ready to be torn open, so go one step further with the sustainable feels. Look out for wrapping paper that’s been recycled, whether that’s one with a pattern or a plain brown option that can be decorated with statement bows. Then, on the day, pop it into the recycling bin so it can start its journey again. More of a fan of gift bags? Avoid writing on tags or taping up the tops – it means they can be reused and gifted down time and time again.

2. Think ethically

Looking for presents that look great and make a difference? You got it. There’s a range of brands that offer lots of options, from giving a percentage to charity, to ensuring their products are made from ethically sourced materials. Another option is to hit the charity shops, there are lots on offer and you’re always guaranteed to find something different for a loved one, or yourself for a Christmas or New Year’s event.

3. Love your leftovers

Christmas time is all about enjoying food with people around you. But with lots of food comes leftovers. Decided to dine out but can’t finish your meal? Lots of restaurants now let you take your food away so just ask, and enjoy them the next day. Cooking the Christmas turkey and need some leftover inspo? There’s a whole range of recipes that we love here:, choose your fave and get the rest of the ingredients from Sainsbury’s.