How to enjoy a tasty Pancake Day

Pancake Day Pavilions - lemon and sugar pancakes

Pancake Day Pavilions - lemon and sugar pancakes

Pancake Day is one of the best occasions of the year. What better excuse do you need to have these perfect pieces of food?

To get them as tasty as possible, follow these flippin’ marvellous tips… 🥞

Have the right tools 

No-one likes a pancake that they have to scrape off the bottom of the pan, so make sure you’ve got a non-stick pan and soft spatula to hand. TOP TIP: Before you add anything, make sure the pan is nice and hot!

…and ingredients

Many people use butter to line the pan before they put in their batter. However, this can burn and cause even more sticking. Our tip, swap this out for olive oil, lightly coated into the pan with kitchen roll.

A pancake for every mealtime

If you’ve decided to go the full way and enjoy pancakes all day long, make sure include some variety! We love the idea of fruit compote pancakes for breakfast, followed by a savoury snack at lunch – think tomato and cheese – and then dinner can be anything you fancy! You could even embrace your inner child and have chocolate pancakes for dinner, we won’t tell!

Mix the flavours

We all know that lemon and sugar or Nutella and banana are go-to flavours when it comes to pancakes. However, there are so many combos just waiting to be tried out. Be brave and give it different ones a try. On our list this year… peanut butter and jelly. If it works in a sandwich, it’ll definitely work in a pancake, that’s our logic!

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