Head of Security Profile – Ali

Your safety comes first

If you are a regular visitor to the Pavilions Shopping Centre, you will probably recognise Ali, our Head of Security. His familiar face is a visible force in the centre who always has a smile to share!

Ali has worked at the centre for 19 years, and has truly become a member of the family in that time. The best part of working at Pavilions, for him, is the team spirit, with the belief that no task it too big or too small.

As time goes by

During his time at Pavilions, Ali notes that there have been many changes and improvements at the centre. One of these is the new car park system that allows customers to pay by debit, credit or contactless card, and customers now have access to free Wi-Fi too.

Despite working at the Pavilions Shopping Centre for 19 years, the stand out event for Ali was the snow globe at the centre’s recent Christmas light switch-on. He notes that this was something that the staff and shoppers all enjoyed.

A day in the life of Ali

One day is never like another for Ali, as tasks vary from dealing with customers and tenants, to shoplifters, as well as the all-important task of ensuring that shoppers and staff are safe. Ali is an important cog in the day-to-day operation of the centre.

But outside of the centre, Ali can take a break from security duty and enjoy his hobby. He is an avid football supporter, enjoying both playing and watching the game.

A message for the shoppers

There is plenty for shoppers to do at the Pavilions Shopping Centre. According to Ali, you should visit the centre because they are a great community based shopping centre and have the safest car park in the area. Plus, there is the bonus of having a very friendly team and the right retail stores to meet any shopping needs. You are sure to receive high quality service from the centre staff and the retailers.