Back to school for freshers

“Now the little ones are back to school, it’s time to shift our focus to those starting or returning to university this month! If you’re away from home during your studies, it’s important to make sure you’re taking all the essentials with you to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible.

The Bare Necessities
Remember, you’ll need to fend for yourself when it comes to everyday tasks and chores! You’ll need practical items such as a clothes horse, basic cleaning items, and self-care products, as your housemates might not be willing to share with you. Don’t fret though, you can head on down to Argos, or One Below to pick these up and maybe grab a few bargains along the way.

The Home Comforts
As well as the practical bits you’ll need, a few home comforts go a long way when you’re studying away from home. Halls of residence or student accommodation can sometimes lack personality, so why not bring in a few comfort items and make the space your own? Picture frames, lights, and posters can make a huge difference! Just make sure you use non-permanent fixtures to get your deposit back at the end of the year! Visit Sainsbury’s home section to pick up some trinkets!

The Study Essentials
Of course, remembering what you’re actually there for in the first place: studying. Imagine showing up to your first lecture without a pen or notebook! Start the year with a full stationery set from The Works or invest in good tech at Gadget.

Good luck to all the students out there starting or returning to uni!